Dennis Gerik

Email: emailme [AT]
Phone: Available Upon Request


  • Successful senior project manager who excels in Technology / Marketing / Manufacturing environments.
  • Extensive experience within diverse environments including computer & internet technology, software consulting, training and coaching, sales and marketing, manufacturing resource planning, and production scheduling.
  • Creative solution provider with exceptional communication skills.
  • Accustomed to working with all levels of executive and senior management.
  • Capable of developing unique, innovative uses for Internet, eCommerce and interactive technologies.
  • Continually recruited to lead special assignments related to the successful operation of the business.
  • Recognized as a highly dependable, intensely motivated team member able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Extremely goal-oriented with high standards and strong work ethics.
  • Seeks active responsibilities in managing an active, growing customer-oriented profit organization in the Internet / eCommerce industry.


  • Continually researching new technology for practical uses & business opportunities.
  • Continually watching and investigating new and emerging trends
  • Possess exceptional knowledge to run an $18 million business from several different industry perspectives.
  • Able to orchestrate business transactions to ensure win-win situations for everyone involved.
  • Able to establish strategic alliances with 3rd party companies to provide well-rounded enterprise solutions related to technology needs.
  • Capable of maximizing time expenditure by effectively pursuing worthy deals.  i.e. expending 1 hour with potential client capable of $50k in revenue vs. working with a client potentially worth 10 times as much.
  • Own & operate own business providing technology guidance to medium sized business.
  • Able to negotiate deals with Industry leaders such as Infoseek, Charter Communications, CompUSA, Pointcast, Planet Direct, c|net, Coomer's, and OmniAmerican Federal Credit Union.
  • Managed the sales & marketing efforts of 40 independent, national companies.
  • Capable & willing to make decisions regarding company standards & directions related to IT issues.
  • Can see opportunities for improvement and new revenue sources in almost any situations

Expert Internet & Technology Knowledge

  • Considered to be a leading expert by peers & colleagues with regards to computer & internet related issues.
  • Possess expert knowledge & understanding of Internet Technology
  • Enjoy evaluating new software while continually looking for appropriate uses with regards to industry needs.
  • Enjoy learning about new Internet technologies that can be used by companies to enhance profitability.
  • Enjoy participating in beta test environments for both software & hardware.
  • Consider Internet and eCommerce technology to be wave of future.
  • Ultimate gadget person, constantly attempting to stay RIGHT on the “bleeding” edge of technology.
  • Generally the 1st person (in my circle of influence) to know about new, exciting products hitting the market.
  • Stays on the cutting edge of Internet happenings to capitalize on emerging trends

Technologist, Evangelist, Market Analyst

  • Unrelenting desire to stay on the "bleeding" edge of technology
  • Continually researching market conditions of several different industries to identify future trends and directions.
  • Keep up to date with regards to Telecommunications, ISP's, Internet/Intranet Technology, e-commerce, training, Computer Hardware, Software, & appropriate applications.
  • Voracious appetite for technology satisfied by more than a dozen subscriptions to industry publications, journals, weeklies or e-newsletters.
  • Extremely in tune with market direction & speed due to the fierce reading & studying of industry news & trends.
  • Continually looking for ways to improve current industry solutions by exploring new & experimental technology.


  • A passion for learning new information
  • Effective educator of complex, technical concepts
  • Passionate about computer/internet subjects.
  • Able to effectively communicate with all levels within an organization
  • Able to quickly assimilate new ideas and effectively convey those ideas to others
  • Able to create 'energy' and 'electricity' when speaking to others
  • Love the teaching process and help spread specialized knowledge and wisdom
  • Motivated by the pursuit of knowledge and understanding


Mutual Synergy Solutions - Arlington, WA - Dec 2000 - Present

  • Created two International Web Conferencing Businesses (Orbitalk Web Conferencing & Voxwire Web Conferencing
  • Sold Orbitalk Web Conferencing after achieving a annual level of $400k gross revenue
  • Trained and managed 1,000+ Independent Sales Representatives for Orbitalk Web Conferencing
  • Developed business, marketing and logistical operations plan for Voxwire Web Conferencing
  • Formed and managed the development team for the construction of both Web businesses, that included the creation of the websites, purchasing, provisioning, rebilling and affiliate management systems
  • Managed all aspects of these businesses
    • Customer & Technical Support
    • Graphic Designers, Web Developers & Application Programmers
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Strategic Planning

Senior Marketing & Project Manager
FlashNet Marketing, Inc. (Subsidiary of SBC Communications) - Fort Worth, Texas - Nov 1998 - Dec 2000

  • Developed training programs for 5,000+ Independent Sales Representatives
  • Organized and led a company-wide re-engineering project that included the development of a new computerized commissioning system, marketing campaign, representative training, portal website, two interactive, multimedia CD-ROMs and a major launch event; all completed within six months
  • Conceptualized and implemented a suite of Internet strategies and tools to manage daily operations, attract new business, communicate timely information and aggressively promote the business on the Internet
  • Managed the creation automated internet account creation software
  • Initiated executive level business development meetings with major corporations

Instructor & Business Consultant
Origin Technology in Business - Toronto, Ontario - Oct 1997 - Nov 1998

  • Provided expert guidance and instruction regarding the use of ERP planning software for major Tier 1 automotive suppliers and aerospace manufacturers
  • Developed the strategic plan for the creation of a training facility to educate industry consultants and clients on Enterprise Resource Planning fundamentals and business concepts

ERP Business Analyst
Boeing Defense and Space - Corinth, Texas - Dec 1996 - Oct 1997

  • Formulated and improved business processes for a Just-In-Time business environment and clearly communicated business and inventory planning fundamentals and strategies
  • Taught the user-testing phase of Enterprise Resource Planning systems integration

Marketing & Technology Manager
Forward Manufacturing, Inc. - Fort Worth, Texas - Apr 1994 - Dec 1996

  • Managed distribution network of 40 national organizations generating annual sales over $18 million.
  • Coordinated and performed all sales & marketing activities and functions
  • Updated and managed all information technology and local area network resources
  • Provided all training and technical support for all technology-related services and products


Bachelor of Science, Business Management
LeTourneau University - Longview, Texas

  • Summa Cum Laude / Dean's List / GPA 3.96